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The Internet now offers opportunities for small business owners that were simply unavailable just 20 years ago. With proper training, they can level the playing field and compete for global web traffic and profits along with larger corporations.

Toolie takes an unusal approach to working with small business owners when creating their online business presence. Instead of setting up a dependent relationship where Toolie develops the plan, creates a site, and functions as a webmaster, she instead works collaboratively with clients to develop websites and blogs, and trains them to maintain their sites themselves.

Through private coaching sessions and group webinars, business owners are empowered to maintain these critical business assets themselves, and are better able to respond to market conditions by posting new content at-will, rather than under time constraints imposed by depending on others to make changes. Toolie's hands-on website and blog development, individual and association consulting, and web skill-building techniques have helped her define the core knowledge that small business owners need to succeed online.

As a result of these methods, Toolie is uniquely positioned to address the Internet Marketing and Training needs of your entrepreneurial, small business, and association audiences. She is keenly aware of the day-to-day issues they face, and can speak about solutions that increase their business' bottom line.

Di Philippi "In just one hour of coaching, Toolie used her broad experience and knowledge, together with the never-ending secret "weapons" (tips and tools!) that she seems to pull from her magic hat, and saved me at least 8 hours of time. Her use of GoToMeeting really adds value... it maximized the coaching time and made it quick and easy to ask questions and learn techniques to empower myself in my own website development. I really appreciate Toolie's bottom-line, tell-me-what-I-need-to know approach. After our coaching session, I was left feeling like she really cares about me and my success. I felt super-supported! Thanks Toolie!"

Di Philippi, MA ~ Milwaukee, WI